Monday, June 22, 2009

Tomorrow Never Knows

I couldn't sleep last night. After watching Robert Downey Jr. in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" (a quality comedy/action movie) I found myself wide awake in the wee hours. So I grabbed the iPod and bounced around my room to some Stevie Ray Vaughan for a bit. Then, at nearly 5am, I decided to take a shower in an attempt to put mind and body at ease.

Before I got out I felt inclined to lay down in the tub as if I was taking a bath. I closed my eyes and, as a famous band once said, turned off my mind, relaxed, and floated down stream...

I felt the hot water from the shower splashing all around me and turned it into a hot tub over-looking the beach at sunset in a tropical location. The music I heard in the background had a Latin flavor, so I think it was Mexico, possibly Puerto Vallarta. In my right hand was a mai tai (a fruity drink, yes, but I was far away in a tropical paradise so Man Laws permit it.) To my left was a girl.. Who? I'm not sure exactly. Maybe she was blonde, maybe she had olive-colored skin. I couldn't tell for sure.. but I had my arm around her. And we just sat there. Listening to the ocean and the music. With the smell of carne asada and carnitas wafting in from a distance. And as I soaked there under the pink sky I had no worries about money. No anxiety about acting. No stress about traffic. No nothing. Except the beach and the sunset and the mai tais and the sounds and the smells and her. And at that moment I was content with the world. I had absolutely everthing I needed in life.

And then I opened my eyes.

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