Friday, July 3, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins...

Winding down Laurel Canyon yesterday on my way to work I randomly started thinking about the movie 'Se7en' which made me think about the Seven Deadly Sins which made me wonder... which sins am I most (and least) guilty of? Here's how I broke it down, from least to most sinful:

7.)GREED- Undoubtedly the sin of which I'm least guilty. Granted, I have little to be greedy about at the moment, but the only reason I'd ever hope for money and material possessions in the future is to spend and share them with friends, family and charity. I get infinitely more pleasure out of giving than receiving... 'cept if you pick food off my plate without asking first - then I'm one greedy bastard! But in all honesty, I will never have a problem with this one.

6.)GLUTTONY- Sure, from time to time I'll hit up In-N-Out and go hog-wild, but that's about as gluttonous as I get. Whether it's with food, money or anything, I rarely over-consume and try my hardest not to be wasteful. I'm all about moderation and conservation, yo.

5.)PRIDE- Ok, so sometimes I get caught checking out the man in the mirror to make sure everything's lookin' alright. However, this is more a product of the insecurity I've had about my physical appearance since I was an over-weight, brace-faced pre-teen with acne, and much less a result of being narcissistic. And I may go to the gym religiously, but once again that's mostly out of fear of being an obese blob again. I also absoluteley loathe talking about myself (except on this blog), but I do use forming cream in my hair.. so consider me modestly guilty. Hah.

4.)WRATH- Certain things make me angry: The Padres, the Chargers, dumbass/asshole drivers, stupid/thoughtless/ignorant people. Under certain (rare) circumstances some people might even say I'm irratable or even have a temper, but this is certainly not to an extreme. I've still never been in a fist fight, in fact I've never in my life physically hurt anyone out of anger (except for maybe my little brother when we were kids.) I definitely consider myself more of a lover than a fighter, but cut me off on the freeway or hurt someone I love and I will fucking cut a bitch!

3.)LUST- Sometimes pretty girls make me stupid; sometimes they make me do dumb, completely out-of-character things. I'll admit to this... (As I'm writing this paragraph, in fact, a very attrative brunette Australian girl came up to the desk to set up a ride to LAX with our driver and as I was talking to her I thought, "Yeah, I'd probably do some ridiculously stupid things for a night with her." But I think this just makes me guilty of being a MAN) ...Anyway, if I was some Hollywood big shot and women were constantly throwing themselves at me it might create major problems for me, but luckily (or unluckily?) that's not the case.

2.)SLOTH- Nowadays I wake up at 11am. Any time before that is pretty painful. True, I don't work until 3pm or later, but it's also true I could be much more productive with these morning hours: submitting myself for projects, sending headshots to agents, what have you... I know that I could definitely stand to be a little more motivated, considering how badly I want a career. But don't get me wrong I'm not a complete sloth; I do work full time, actively pursue acting jobs and work out 5 times per week.. but are there more important things I could be occupying my time with than sleeping and fantasy baseball? Absolutely.

1.)ENVY- I've noticed I often harbor ill feelings toward people who have things that I want, often for no good reason: guys in the industry who have success by getting by on their looks, guys who got the girl I wanted, people with stability in their lives who don't have to worry about how they're going to pay their bills this month. I curse them for having it, then come down hard on myself for not having it. They got it. I want it. Fuck them. GUILTY!

(But would I ever intentionally hurt someone out of envy? Of course not...)

So there ya have it. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey would be proud.

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