Monday, April 20, 2009

What is "common courtesy?"

**DISCLAIMER** In the following I am not directly referring to anyone that I even remotely think would read this blog, so no worries, y'all! That's not how I roll. Also, I've tried to make my last several posts positive and upbeat after noticing that I was reverting to snide and smart-alecky a bit too often. However, recent events have made this post necessary (for my mental health) to write...

Well, for starters, it's showing up for something to which you have RSVP'd.

What a concept, huh? Making a committment to other people that you will be at a certain place at a certain time, and then actually following through with it! Sure, unforeseen events pop up from time to time that prevent you from being at said place at said time. Such events are inevitable - you had to work late, you had car trouble, you felt like you were coming down with something, you had to wash your hair, what have you... However, when such things occur the courteous human being contacts the person to whom they have made the committment to let them know why they will not be at the event they have pledged to attend; the thoughtless individual makes no such effort whatsoever.

Which helps segue nicely into my next point: wanna know how to make a good person feel like an asshole? Easy! Just ignore their attempts at communicating with you. Whether it's by phone call, text message, facebook message, snail mail or singing telegram, simply do not acknowledge that you received any of these things from the person you intend to make feel like an idiot...

(***Haha, oh boy. It should be noted that at this point in writing the post my cell phone buzzed, informing me that I had a message from the very individual who most inspired it. His/her explanation didn't exactly blow me away, but he/she did seem to show some genuine remorse and offered to make it up to me. I am more than willing to forgive and forget. Nonetheless, for the purpose of getting this grievance out of my system entirely, I will continue my rant...***)

...You'll leave them in an awkward state of total bewilderment, wondering "shit, did I do something wrong? ...was it something I said?" ...when, in reality, the only thing they actually did do wrong was making a genuine attempt to be friends with your inconsiderate ass.

I apologize for the bitter tone of this post, but carelessness in regard to the feelings of other human beings is very likely my biggest pet peeve in the world. I do not appreciate being made to feel like I'm an asshole because I know for a fact that I am not one. My mother taught me from a very young age what it means to be a thoughtful and considerate person, as I imagine most mothers did. And when I see this type of behavior amongst people that I really like and care about, needless to say, it troubles me greatly. Period.

......sooo how 'bout them Padres!?


  1. Remember when I had some stupid ranty-style post a while back? Mad at a boy? Pretty much for the same reason. I think the reason things that like make me so mad is knowing that I would never do that to a friend, so the other party must not value me as much as I do them. So it's not just about missing out on plans, but a blow to your ego as well.

    Then, when they do send that stupid excuse text, no matter how valid, the bitterness may subside, but that bruise to your ego still slightly remains.

    Good thing we have ridiculous blogs to turn to, right?

  2. If that stupid boy pulled the same shenanigans on you then I completely understand why you were so upset. I just can't comprehend how good people can sometimes show such little regard for other people. You're right, few things create an irreversable bruise to your ego more than being stood up/ignored. It makes you feel like you're of little or no value to someone you care about, which sucks.

    But at least when this happens... we will always have YAY!