Monday, August 31, 2009

Intern fun!

I've always said that I'd rather do something I love for free than get paid to do something I hate....Well now I am! On Wednesday I start an internship with Filter magazine - a really hip music mag chock-full of reviews, interviews and previews of quality music and movies.

As I sat waiting for my meeting in my jeans and short-sleeve shirt and reading about local LA acts in their latest issue, I thought bout the stark contrast it made to my more recent corporate interviews. Today I didn't have to consistently adjust my tie to compensate for the miserable heat of the stuffy waiting room being trapped in by my stuffy dress shirt. I didn't have to nervously toss around rehearsed answers to typical corporate questions. And I didn't dread having to tell the same old lie in response to that "why do you want to work here?" queresion - the real answer to which, of course, is always "...because I need to pay my rent." But unfortunately you just can't say that out loud.

Nah, today I simply kicked back on the couch amidst a group of working hipsters (oxymoron?) in a hip, windowless office and prepared to talk about my favorite bands before causally chatting with a cool, young guy in shorts and a t-shirt named Max. And when that "why here?" question surfaced, the answer was easy this time: "because I love music." Plain and simple. And I do. I love listening to it, I love writing about it, I love reading about it, and I'd rather have a job that exposes me to it regularly and pays me nothing than ever have to get behind that damn hotel front desk again.

it will require me to attend and cover shows and other indie/alt rock music-related events regularly (darn!) and may or may not lead to a paying job in the future. But even if it doesn't, the bulk of my days will once again be filled with something that I actually enjoy. And that's what matters.

(Btw on the way out the door Max gave me a copy of the new Dead Weather cd. Niiiiiiiiiice.)

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