Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh men...

Saturday night I was out with the gang at Aero Club for Marisa's birthday. Struck up conversation with a guy I had met once before (at the Aero Club) well over a year (or two?) ago, but couldn't recall much from our first encounter.

Really cool guy. We talked music. He told me stories about his days as a DJ and filled me in on every show coming to LA worth seeing, including The Pixies (one of my favorite bands). He insisted on buying me shot after shot of expensive whiskey and reassured me that I was gonna make it big as an actor in LA because I'm a "good-looking" guy with talent doing it for the right reasons. If I was a girl I'd swear he was trying to fuck me, but I figured he just happened to be a genuinely cool guy with whom I had a lot in common. Don't meet guys like him that often. So now I have a new bff, right?

But wait... At the end of the night LIsa asks me what I think of him and I tell her I think he's badass and that we really get along well. "Yeah... I'm still trying to decide on that one," she replies.

Yep... he's trying to bang my ex-girlfriend. The same ex-girlfriend I was dating (and with) the first time we met at the club over a year (or two?) ago. In fact he's been trying for a while now. They've gone on a few sort-of dates and planned on taking her to Sea World the next day. He also tried (in vain) to make out with her at the end of the night.

Course Lisa and I have been broken up for over a year. She can do whatever she wants without my approval. She knows that. My point is this: Recent history has shown me that when a guy is being really really nice, he usually has an ulterior motive. Usually this applies to guys hitting on girls, but it can also apply to other guys when, say, the dude desperately wants to make good with the other dude because he's trying to bang his ex-girlfriend. Course this dude could possibly have been genuinely cool. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt. But the circumstances make me skeptical, and the fact remains that...

Most men are full of shit, ladies. Sad but true. I apologize on behalf of my sex...

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  1. UGH! what'd ya need expensive whiskey for anyway, dilly? that's why you just need to become a woman. we're the fairer sex, in your own words.