Friday, August 14, 2009

Restaurant managers: FAIL

I can't stand it when douche bag restaurant managers who, during interviews, act like they are hiring the next Secretary of State...

You are hiring a 20-something year old to take people's orders and bring them food and drink. You are not hiring the next leader of the free fucking world. Get off your power trip and stop asking bullshit questions like "Can you give me an example in which you went above and beyond the call of duty during a job?"

If an applicant proves that he/she can be warm, personable and make people feel welcome while also being able to multi-task and manage stress, then he/she is qualified to be a goddamn server. He/she does not have to have a PhD, have saved someone's life or invented the Polio vaccine.

The vast majority of applicants for serving positions (including myself and several friends) are OVER-qualified for saying 'hello', taking orders and carrying plates, yet these guys (yes, mostly guys) look down their nose at people who haven't served for a dozen years and don't answer their lame questions like a corporate whore.

You're 38 and you work at fucking Black Angus. Get over yourself. You fail at life.

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  1. amen. because of the "must have 70 years serving experience", you and i will never serve.